The latest microsoft points generator has been released!

The latest xbox live generator is an awesome new tool to get you free ms xbox live points in just seconds, the codes work in all countries (at least that’s what our users have reported). You can generate an unlimited amount of ms points and the codes do not expire. Never pay again for ms xbox live codes!



How does it work? Actually incredibly simple! Just click the download button, download our ms points generator, open it, click the generate button, and you will have your code pretty much instantly, no longer do you need to pay big amounts of money for your xbox live points, now you can get them completely for free and and in unlimited quantities.

Our free ms points generator is simple and easy to use for everyone, go live! Get started right now.

Happy gaming! And please let us know how the codes worked out for you guys.


free microsoft points generator


You might be wondering, what is xbox live and why do i need a code generator for it?

Xbox live is a service offered by microsoft that enables you to play online, against other players who also have the ability to use xbox live, normally this is not a free service, you have to pay monthly, or per year, however, our microsoft points generator can generate codes that work without paying a penny, simply generate the code, and play for free for as long as you want.

Once again we hope you enjoy our microsoft points generator, happy gaming and have fun.

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  1. Jacky January 26, 2013 10:45 pm 

    Ok i got it now, the first 2 codes actually did’t work for me (maybe i did something wrong though :D ) but the other one worked fine, awesome, i also gave some codes to a friend of mine who was very happy with it :)

    Thanks again.

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